Top 10 Things I Miss About the U.S.

Well, we’ve been here for almost 3 weeks and I think I’m getting over my honeymoon phase of being in Spain, where everything was wonderful and I simply loved it here. Now reality is sinking in, and though I still am happy to be here, I find myself missing the following things about America:

1. Eating lunch around noon and dinner around 6pm

2. Trader Joe’s, Target, Kohls, Costco and knowing where to find favorite items in my favorite stores

3. Bathroom fans

4. Potholders, Kitchenaid mixers, Crock-Pots

5. Easy-to-find real whole-wheat bread, cornstarch, celery, canned mandarin oranges, Swiffer-ish cloths, 409-like cleaner, outlet plugs, tortillas, baby cereal that doesn’t look and smell like a milkshake

6. Fremont Library, Mundelein, IL

7. Shopping carts that can actually go in a straight line without major effort on one’s part

8. Carpet in bedrooms

9. Being able to understand everything I read and hear

10. Of course, our family and friends and the chance to share daily life with you and connect

As you can probably tell, we’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately, trying to stock our apartment with the essentials. I really miss the groceries that I would always get in the States. And I miss my small kitchen appliances. We decided to ship some over, which I’m so glad for, but we didn’t ship the big stuff (like the Kitchenaid and the Crock-Pots) and I can’t find replacements for them here anywhere.

We’ve also still been adjusting to the typical Spain schedule, in that the days are so long: school usually starts for kids around 9am, but lunch isn’t until 2pm and dinner isn’t until 8 or 9pm. We usually sit down to our meals hungry and grouchy, and we haven’t gotten our kids to bed until 10 most nights. And then we expect them to wake up in time to get going on our day around 9am. It's not really working for us!

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  • Andrea

    Would you like your KitchenAid back? It’s crying for you in the basement right now.

  • ChangChang

    3 weeks and over honeymoon phase in Spain??? Hang in there!!!! :)