Top 5 Things I Like About La Coruña


1. Even though it means a later dinner, I do like the idea of a siesta. Life seems balanced between work, rest, and family. People go to work around 9am, come home to be with their families and eat their main meal at 2pm, and then go back to work for the afternoon before arriving home around 8pm. Many businesses close for a couple hours in the afternoon so that their employees can go spend time with their families. Adults regularly take naps.

2. Because most people live in small apartments, life spills out into the parks, cafes, and playgrounds outside. There are playgrounds for kids everywhere–right now I can count about 5 within walking distance from our piso. And there are lots of benches around, inviting us to sit for a while and chat (and watch the kids as they play).


3. La Coruña, like many European cities, is a neat mix of new and old. There are interesting buildings to see wherever we walk. We particularly like some of the older architecture. Nate likes the old ruins of this house:


I like this apartment building, where the roof goes on and on:


4. Of course, we love being close to water. The ria is about a 5-minute walk from our place, and there are beaches within driving distance.


5. Spaniards really love kids! They never make us feel like our kids are an annoyance or nuisance, and if we’re in a restaurant or a store people want to give them lollipops, toys, old cell phones… Older ladies are fascinated with the baby–they’ll touch her, smile and talk to her, and ask me what her name is. And then, of course, the whole, “Oh! Una niña!” conversation ensues. But our kids have been a bridge to meeting people here.


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  • Marilyn

    Love your blog!!! Thanks for showing me where it is! Wanna trade countries????? Oh my! How I would love to live in Spain…and speak a language I can speak fluently…and see blue skies all the time…and clean air…but we will have all that in heaven.

    Mientras aqui estamos….counting it all JOY

    Have fun….
    See ya here or on facebook.
    MaLiLian 10/10/2007

  • Lisa D.

    Hey Faith – love your Blog. It really gives me a great window into your world now. Keep up the good work! 10/13/2007