Matt in Coruña


Two Wednesdays ago our friend Matt visited. He’s an American who grew up in Spain, went to Wheaton College with Nate and me, and now lives in Mexico. He was back in Madrid for 2 weeks taking care of some business. Matt came out to La Coruña for one day to visit us, and then Nate and he flew back to Madrid so Nate could spend some more time with him.

For our one day with Matt in Coruña, we took him to on a whirlwind tour. First was Santiago de Compostela, where we ran into a group of pilgrims from Canada. They had just finished walking the Camino from León, which is a 13-day hike:


A different side of the Cathedral:


Matt and Nate with the Mexican, Manolo, that Matt acquired at the airport in Santiago. Manolo hung out with us in Santiago and we dropped him off in downtown Coruña once we drove back up here.


Next up was the Torre de Hercules, our local lighthouse in Coruña.


A brilliant flower that R found laying on the ground:


Nate, R, B, and K:


In this picture, we caught K saying “Cheeee” for the first time ever:


K and the Torre, two works in progress:


Matt’s favorite thing, taking pictures:


Thanks for visiting, Matt! It was great to have you here and see you in your element.

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