Retreat at Sobrado dos Monxes

I haven’t shared this before since I wasn’t sure if it was the right time yet, but now I feel comfortable writing about something significant that’s been happening: Vida Nueva, our church, has been going through a pretty painful split since March. The division has occupied our thoughts and conversations for the last few weeks, and we’ve seen about half of our church leave. As concerning and painful as it’s been to watch the situation unfold, Nate and I are really proud of how our pastor, Roberto, has been handling things. We see that he’s a man of truth and accountability, that his concern is for the name and renown of Jesus, and that he seeks the sanctity of the church and the well-being of the people who’ve remained as well as those who have left.

As crazy as it is to say, I feel like Vida Nueva is healthier now after our division, even though we’re smaller. Now on Sundays there’s a renewed intimacy and feeling of community. This past weekend we had a retreat for the leaders of our church to process everything that had happened and to dream about the future, and I took the boys with me. Unfortunately, K was diagnosed with chicken pox the day we were supposed to leave so Nate stayed home with her (he said that I’d been more affected by the split and that I would benefit more from the debriefing, processing, and social time, so he offered to stay behind :) ).

Our retreat was at the monastery at Sobrado dos Monxes (we also had a retreat here in October), and we really had a great time of worshiping the Lord through music, expressing our pain at what we saw happening, and going through a session of group therapy. We were able to turn the page on this chapter, quite literally. We ended our time by affirming each other. It was a refreshing weekend and served to remind all of us that the Lord will put everything into place in His time. It’s only too bad that Nate couldn’t join us.

Here are a couple of photos:

All of us who attended:


The beautiful church that’s part of the Sobrado monastery:


Rob, our pastor, having a pensive moment:


Sobrado dos Monxes is also a hostel for the pilgrims who walk the Camino del Norte route (as opposed to the more popular Camino Frances route). I got a shot of two pilgrims:


And here’s a view of the typical laundry lines that pilgrims use to hang their laundry when they’re staying in hostels:


Sobrado, a place of peace and rest for us:

Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

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  • Las separaciones son muy dolorosas, pero para que una planta tenga brotes nuevos muchas veces hay que podar, o de lo contrario la planta se seca. En fin me produce una envidia sana vuestro retiro en Sobrado, es un sitio que me trae muchos recuerdos y que en si transmite paz y espiritualidad. Bicos y nos vemos!!!