38 more kms to go

Well, little did I know that Sarria is actually 115 kms away from Santiago! On Monday I walked 22 kms, yesterday 26, and today 29. I have 38 to go before I reach Santiago, which now I forecast will be on Friday. The best part has been hanging out with people in the hostels in the towns that I stop at every night. I´ve giggled with Koreans, shared two meals with a  South African gal,  and talked to a 64-year-old Brit who is walking his 4th Camino. I´ve also met people on the Camino itself, of course. However, most of the time that I´m walking I´m alone, and that´s probably the hardest part of the trip. It´s nice to be alone for some part of the trail, quiet and able to set my own pace, but I definitely feel solitary when I walk for hours without a soul around – and this happens every day.  My pace is faster than the slower pilgrims, and way too slow for the fit pilgrims, so I end up walking right in the middle of these two groups which means I don´t see anyone. I get so bored! And I find that being left alone with my own thoughts only serves to entertain me for about 5 minutes. But overall I am enjoying this time of solitude and pilgrimage.

Usually I walk from 7am until about 2pm, depending on the distance that day, and then check in to a hostel, shower, get something to eat, rest a bit, run "errands" like withdrawing money and doing a little bit of grocery shopping, then hang out with other pilgrims, get something else to eat for dinner, and then bed at 10pm. It´s a very simple life, the pilgrim life.

The time at this pay computer has almost expired, so have a great week!

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