Fin del Camino

I arrived in Santiago de Compostela on Friday, safe and sound. I'm working on a Camino Journal that I'll post as soon as I'm done, and it will have the details from each day of the hike as well as lots of pictures. Hopefully I'll have it up by the end of this week.

For now, though, here are two of my favorite pictures from the Camino:

Pilgrims hiking:


The amazing scenery:

By the way, we meet with our lawyers tomorrow to talk about the hostel project. We're praying for a productive meeting and for some direction as far as starting the paperwork process. We'll see what happens!

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  • Rachel

    Congrats on finishing your trek! You are amazing! How many calories did you burn? One day, I will walk it with you. I still can’t believe you live in Spain.