5 Spanish Things I Can’t Live Without

1. Spanish Tortilla. When I was pregnant with M, I ate a wedge of tortilla almost every single day during the first trimester. I just craved it like crazy.


2. Freezer Drawers. They keep things organized.


3. Persianas. These metal grates roll down and completely darken the room, which is wonderful when it’s June and the sun doesn’t set until 11pm, yet you want your kids to go to bed at 9pm.


4. Fresh, affordable bakery bread. Here it’s about 65 cents for a baguette, whereas in the US I think it’s, what, $2?

5. Chocolate. As in yummy Spanish chocolate that you dip your churros in.


Whenever we move back to the US – whether it be in 5 years or 25 – I will miss these things as much as I miss Costco, Target, and bathroom fans right now.

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  • Rachel

    So Spain is growing on you. That tortilla looks amazing!

  • silvia lucchi

    4 eggs
    – 5 medium potatoes
    – 1 medium onion, optional
    – Olive oil or sunflower oil
    Peel the potatoes and cut into very thin.
    Slice the onion very thin.
    Potatoes are fried in enough oil to prevent sticking, half fried potatoes onion is added and cooked.
    In a bowl beat eggs well.
    Once the potatoes are fried, drain the oil and mix with the eggs into the bowl.
    Put the mixture into the pan, previously drained of oil. Put on low heat for curdling. Turn over using a plate and fry the other side giving them the turns it takes until golden brown on both sides to taste.

  • Faith

    Thank you, Silvia!! A tortilla recipe from a real Spaniard – yummy!