“I Knew You’d Like It”

During my junior year at Wheaton College, my roommates and I lived in the apartment complex at 814 College Avenue. Whereas many of our fellow juniors lived in the far-away Terrace Apartments (and loved it), Rachel, Sharon, Ashley, and I considered ourselves lucky because we were just minutes away from the center of campus and, most importantly, the dining hall (now looking back, though, I don’t know what I was so excited about. I never ate red meat back then, and the only dessert I ever ate was frozen yogurt. If I could live so close to SAGA now, with all of that unlimited food, I’d sigh constant sighs of bliss. Hearing Nate talk about his college food experience, I realized I closed myself off to a lot of delicious stuff).

The 814 College Avenue apartments were also right next to the football field and the track. We used to put on our sweats, rewind our cassette tapes so they’d be ready for the Sony Walkman, head out the door, and be running or walking around the track within seconds. It was great to have it so accessible. I remember one night, I came back from jogging, and in my happy, endorphin-released state, I said a silent prayer, “Thanks, Lord, for having us live so close to the track. I love it.” And I will never forget what happened next – the Lord spoke clearly and immediately to my heart, “I knew you’d like it.” It was one of those vivid defining moments, when I was reminded of the extent of His love and of how well He knew me.

A little over three years ago, we were packing up in the US and getting ready to move to La Coruña, and we were facing one unknown after another: What kind of apartment would we get? What schools would B and R end up in? Would we like our language classes? How about community, even – in the craziness of settling in to life in Spain, would we even make any new friends?

A few months after we’d moved here, we were pretty settled even though we were still adjusting to the Spanish culture. And I looked back and saw that the Lord had placed us exactly where He wanted us and had given us exactly what we needed, and even amazing things we didn’t even know we wanted. He gave us a four-bedroom apartment that at first looked dirty and horrible but ended up being perfect, He put us right by a beautiful tidal river that we didn’t even know existed, He enabled B to get a place in the elementary school just two minutes from our apartment, and He gave us a wonderful community of friends from church and from the group of parents at B’s school. When I stopped to thank the Lord for each of these things, I felt like He was saying over and over again, “I knew you’d like it,” “I knew you guys would like it.”

What an amazing God we serve – He loves us and knows each of us so well. He gives good gifts. It reminds me of the verse, “What is man that you are mindful of him?” (Psalm 8:4) As the Chinese grandma whom we recently met at church says repeatedly (she doesn’t know any other Spanish or English): “Aleluia!”

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  • Charlotte Brown

    This is such a good thought for me today! Thank you!

  • Kim

    So good! In looking for our new house, I wonder the same thing, as we sure love this house. It’s a great reminder that God LOVES to see us enjoy what he’s given us.

  • jane

    Aww Faith I love this post!!! Thank you for that beautiful reminder that He knows what we need, and what we’d LIKE!!! I always, always forget that… Love ya girl!

  • Claudia

    Thanks for sharing. That really spoke to my heart tonight. Aleluia!

  • Rachel Walmer

    How I miss 814… It WAS the best place to live! Such a great post! LOve you Faith!