Here's a photo that Nate took of the baby and me when we stopped in San Sebastián for a couple of hours on the way home from Grenoble:


At first glance, it seems like a tranquil scene with the water, sun, and sightseeing. But there was a whole lot more going on:


My arms were really sore when we got back to the car! But the tourist in me had to capture this:


And the mom in me would do almost anything to ensure his comfort (this picture taken a different day on the trip):


I know I'm biased, but I just think he's getting cuter and cuter:


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  • Ken

    Faith, I love the first two pictures. You are so deliberate with every motion, you crack me up.

  • Rachel Walmer

    I agree with Ken! I think the 2nd picture is one of my all-time “Faith” favorites. I feel like I can just HEAR you pointing out all of those things. :) Makes me feel close to you even though you are WAY too far away!