Coming Out of the Woodwork: La Coruña Carnaval 2011

It's starting to sink in just how big of a deal Carnaval is here in Spain. We met our friends downtown, expecting to see people here and there dressed up and walking around – they started doing that last night and will continue through Tuesday – and instead we stumbled upon a crowded, loud, official La Coruña Carnaval parade. There were people everywhere.


We knew that we'd probably see some kids dressed up in costumes, but we didn't expect to see so many adults wearing such elaborate outfits. Look at these Southern belles with their blackfaced maid:


And this stoic cop-and-robber couple:


 Here's a guy in an Arab costume chatting up a commoner:


A girl in a beautiful kimono:

Our kids got bored of the parade and went across the street to the park:


This photo's for you, Rachel:

And this one is especially for you:

Samuel, the son of our friends Raúl and Janet:


It was fun to see the Spaniards in all of their costumed glory. Just like visitors to the US would come to the conclusion that there was something crazy and special about Halloween, we're realizing that there's nothing like Carnaval.

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  • Rachel

    LOVE the Sumo wrestler, but somehow he seems smaller than the ones we used to watch on TV late at night. How I miss riddling you with questions about the Chinese news. I never did really figure out what was going on… :)

    Thanks for thinking of me!

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