So We’re No Longer Coveted

Nate and I have moved from the highly coveted demographic of 18 – 34 year olds into the older, apparently boring demographic of those aged 35 to 54. And it’s funny – we actually realize why we’re no longer coveted. We feel so caught up in our immediate life and the things we have to get done daily with the kids that even though we know there are new things being offered everywhere – new music, movies, books, TV shows, restaurants, blogs, games, video games, clothes, and so on – they’re like the stars in the sky, far away and out of reach. We know they exist, but their call to us, so strong when we were younger and could enjoy them, becomes fainter and fainter the busier we get.

They say it’s a bad thing to be set in your ways, but we find that we actually enjoy it. If we have time to listen to music, we listen to and buy music from artists we already know we like. Instead of trying out a whole bunch of funny new sitcoms, we have two that we watch faithfully, 30 Rock and The Office. If I need something new for the kitchen, I go to and buy whatever they recommend. If I need new clothes, I go to Eddie Bauer online and order a Petite Medium. If we’re in the mood for a movie, we’ll only watch movies that are highly rated by many people. Are we missing out? Probably. But because we simply don’t have time to take in a lot of possibly mediocre stuff in order to find quality, we go with what we already know is quality, or what we hear is great. Instead of being the ones to try new things and recommend them to our friends, we’re the ones thoroughly reading reviews and choosing carefully so as not to waste time or money. We’re so curmudgeonly!

We also hardly ever go out to restaurants anymore. Instead, we invite over other families to eat and play, and the kids careen around the apartment while we adults enjoy extremely un-flowing, disjointed conversation since we have to stop every five minutes to tend to the kids. We’re comfortable and cozy, though, and it beats trying to keep the kids happy in a restaurant while we look over a menu, choose something, and wait for the food. I guess we’ve been gun-shy to eat out ever since K set off the emergency exit alarm at the Village Inn in Moline, IL, when Nate and I wanted to keep talking to the Ericksons after everyone was done eating. That was embarrassing (and loud).

Plus, I’m looking ahead to what’s next – starting a hostel, paying for college, and….menopause. My fecund days are over (they tell me they tied my tubes and I’m hoping they told me the truth), so menopause is what’s coming up for this body. When it hits, it means I officially won’t have to worry about getting pregnant again and going through yet another c-section, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about that.  However, with menopause also comes a slower metabolism and the possibility of gaining weight, obsessing about preventing osteoporosis, procedures like mammograms and colonoscopies, and a whole host of other signs that you’re just aging and not as vigorous as you once were. Knowing that menopause is just around the corner, I’m cramming as much as I can into these days, when I still have tons of energy, ability, and strong bones. This means that many times, I have zero mental power left over to try out anything new, unless it’s free books on Kindle. But then, they’re free.

So, in sum, we’re set in our ways and busy with work, we’d rather invite people over than go out, we spend our time with the kids wiping snot and spit-up off our clothes and watching Max and Ruby with K, and we’re disinterested in wasting money. To top it all off, I spend lots of time thinking about and planning for menopause. Lovely.

Who wouldn’t want to market to us?


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  • Seriously! It would be so EASY to market to you – very little guesswork… ;)

  • Rachel

    Welcome back to the internet Faith! How I have missed ye! I only have 10 days left in the “coveted age bracket” myself!

  • Jooj

    I’m looking forward to my old age, as I get to be grumpy/grouchy/set in my ways and no one will have a right to say anything…TMI on the menopause/tubes thing! ;-)

  • jane

    LOl!! Girl you crack me up!! But ain’t it the truth! We are not getting any younger and just the other day I was telling someone – joking with her – that menopause is right around the corner!!!! lol