Love Letter to La Coruña

Dear La Coruña,

You were our first home here in Spain, and as we pack up everything to move to Santiago tomorrow, we want you to know that we will never forget you.

When we arrived in September 2007 clueless and exhausted, you welcomed us with your friendly people and good food. You made us feel instantly at home.

When we felt overwhelmed by all the things we had to do to get our life set up here, your glorious ocean views reminded us that it was okay to take a moment to rest, and that there was beauty everywhere that we could connect with even if we didn’t feel like we were always connecting with Spain.

When we saw small wooden boats everywhere, we marveled at the color they added to everything and the simpler life we found here.

When Nate’s grandpa died soon after we got here and Nate couldn’t fly home, he sat here on your shore for a few hours the day of the funeral and was able to say goodbye.

When we visited the kids’ favorite spot, Monte de San Pedro, we stared at the beautiful, almost unbelievable contrast between blue and green.

When we experienced your weather, we never complained, because hey, it was worth it to go through only 3 months of cold and rain and see that we could get great pictures amidst the fog…

and that later, flowers started blooming in February.

When we saw your sunsets, it was nothing short of magic.

When we think of the people we’ll leave behind, it’s hard not to get a catch in our throats. These were our first Spanish friends, our first sense of community.

They railed indignantly against every hardship we suffered, and they celebrated every milestone with us.

And when we think that our fourth baby was born here, we’re so glad that La Coruña will always be a part of his story.

Thank you, La Coruña, for sharing so much of yourself with us and for making our first four years in Spain so happy and full of wonder. Thank you for showing us that the Lord is the same yesterday and today, and that He is working everywhere. You will be forever etched in our hearts.

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  • Jung Choi

    Wow. I’m getting sentimental thinking about your move. Can’t believe I was there in October of 2007. We will continue to pray for you and your work there. And once again I thank God for how he used you guys to make an impact in my life.

  • jane

    ooohhhh…. sad…. beautiful…. (gorgeous photos, btw)… love love love.

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