Sorting Ourselves Out in Santiago

What day is it today, Sunday? This week has become one udderly, oops, I meant utterly hazy blur. On Tuesday we moved our family and all of our stuff 45 minutes southeast to Santiago, and since then it’s been one long day after another. Our other apartment was furnished and this one was not, so we’ve been busy putting together furniture so we can have couches and beds. Nate’s parents arrived on Thursday and they’ve been a great help, Nate and his dad attacking all of the IKEA boxes and throwing up furniture left and right, and Nate’s mom unpacking boxes and helping to organize the apartment.

We’ve only had three major hiccups since we’ve arrived:

1. We’re renting a brand-new apartment that has all new appliances. It has a very nice high-tech induction cooktop which senses the cookware you’ve put on it and can amazingly boil a pot of water in less than four minutes. But we discovered that it won’t recognize four or five of our trusty pots and pans: for example, when we placed the teapot and the wok on it, it just blinked at us and wouldn’t start heating them up at all. This was a completely unexpected surprise and has been frustrating to work around (a Dutch oven is a pretty mediocre substitute for a wok).

2. The first time we did laundry, a hose from the brand-new washing machine burst and water spewed all over the kitchen floor. At first, Nate couldn’t stop the water, so he called the owners in a panic and then grabbed all of the towels and sheets he could find to mop up the water that was everywhere. A technician came by later to repair the hose and make things right again, but then we had to promptly do three extra loads of laundry that consisted of all the towels and sheets that were dirty. It was a wet, stressful, stinky episode all around.

3. Speaking of stinky, we’ve all been going around dirty because we haven’t had gas or hot water this entire time, and we won’t until they come to turn on the gas and the new hot-water heater on Tuesday (at the earliest). Yesterday we gave the kids baths by heating up water on our induction stovetop and pouring it into the bathtub. It was ironically comical, boiling water in just four minutes on our freakishly high-tech stove and then hauling it in a bucket, old-school style, over to the bathroom. As for us adults, bidets and cold showers are manageable if that’s all you’ve got. Since moving to Europe, I’ve actually fallen in love with bidets, but that’s another post for another time (or not).

Anyhow, here are some pictures of our lovely new apartment:

The living/dining room on the day we moved in:

The kitchen, before it got flooded with two inches of water:

Grandma reading Pinkalicious to K and R on our newly-assembled couch:

Shelves in the living room, happy thought indeed:

Grandma and Grandpa with M. The last time they saw him, he was only 7 days old:

One of our favorite things about the apartment is that the Camino runs right by it, and every day we can look out and see pilgrims passing by on their way to the Cathedral in Santiago. They’re almost there, after days or weeks of walking!

So we’re settling in to Santiago, a day at a time. We miss the ocean and our friends in La Coruña, but we’re hoping that by next Sunday, this place feels even more like home than it does now. Cheers!

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  • jane

    love love your new place!! so sorry to hear about the burst water pipe – how crazy and stressful! but so thankful your inlaws are there to help out!! and i absolutely love those white ikea shelves. DROOL. NICE!

  • Maria

    I lIke the fact that you are buying from IKEA!! Keep on and Good luck in Santiago!
    Hope to see you soon

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