McEnnedy American Way

UPDATE: Please click here to see English instructions and ingredient lists for select McEnnedy American Way products.

Just when we find ourselves really missing American food, our local store Lidl comes to the rescue. Twice a year they have a promotion called American Week, when they bring in a grand variety of American food and we can go and stock up. It always cracks me up to see what food from America is salient enough to be considered typical American fare, and sometimes I’m embarrassed that if you had no other contact with America and just went to Lidl to shop during American Week, you would think that our traditional food was onion rings, milkshakes, chicken fingers, hot dogs in jars, ketchup, mustard, chips, chocolate-chip cookies, chocolate muffins, huge buckets of popcorn, and soda. Hmmm, so okay, maybe that is some of what we’re famous for, but then, really, no wonder Americans are so fat.

The best part about American Week is that the company which produces all of the food is called “McEnnedy,” which is pretty funny itself, and that they put the Statue of Liberty on every package. It’s enough to warm an expat’s heart.

Here’s what we brought home this week:

Muffin mix with “blueberry sauce”:

Ranch dressing:


Dried cranberries:


Peanut butter (non-hydrogenated!):

Crunchy peanut butter:

I even bought two bottles of peanut oil that were left over from a recent Asia Week. That was a nice find:

Viva America!!


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  • muriel young

    Bought Muffin mix in Spain but no instructions in English.
    Have figured out 2 eggs, vegetable oil and 4 spoons of water but what comes next? When do I add sauce?

  • Faith

    Hi Muriel, I just folded in the sauce before dividing up the batter into the muffin cups, and it worked out fine. The instructions say to spoon a bit of the sauce onto each muffin before baking, but that seemed too tedious to me (although I’m sure it would’ve been pretty that way…). Take care!

  • nadia

    salve,vorrei sapere se il burro di arachidi contiene glutine o fonti di glutine oppure se può essere comsumato trnquilllamente dsi celiaci senza problemi di contaminazione incrociate durante la produzione,aspetto vostra risposta ringrazio e cordialmente saluro,nadia

  • Faith

    Hola Nadia, la etiqueta dice, en italiano: “Crema di arachidi da spalmare con pezzetti di arachidi. Ingredienti: arachidi tostate (95%), zucchero bruno di canna, olio vegetale, sal marino. Puó contenere tracce di altra frutta a guscio.” Entonces, no sé si hay gluten o no…qué piensas? No hay harina, pero no sé si hay más en la crema que tendría gluten. Gracias por escribir, y Un saludo!

  • Paul

    Emma and I dig a bit McEnnedy American Way popcorn. But the Ketchup-and-Mayo-together-in-a-tube is just wrong! I would say that I haven’t seen this in the US and way too nasty, but we’re talking about a country that created the candwich… ;-)

  • geraint holmes

    i have bought some mcennedy american way sweet pop corn for the microwave.has it got any dairy products,like milk,butter or anything made of milk becouse im elergickt to milk .plaese txt me

  • geraint holmes

    is there any milk in mcennedy sweet pop corn microwave

    • Faith

      Hello Geraint,
      I’m sorry I have no idea! But if you’d like, can you type out the ingredients list here and I can translate it and see? I’m thinking that it just has oil, but without a box in front of me I can’t be sure. Take care!

  • Helen

    Hi, really interesting blog site and this topic is close to my heart. Myself and my husband are expats in Bulgaria and like you we have Lidl specials. We have recently had American Week and bought Mcennedy American Way cherry pie mix, apple pie mix and lemon meringue pie mix. Unfortunately the instructions are only in Bulgarian and other Eastern European languages and although we get by, deciphering the recipe instructions is nigh on impossible! Have you had these products and made them successfully? If so, instructions in English would be wonderful… please!

  • Faith

    Hi Helen! Thanks so much for writing – we hear Bulgaria is gorgeous. I’m so sorry but our Lidl has never had cherry pie, apple pie, or lemon meringue pie mix. I wish they did! If I ever see them there I’ll snatch them up and translate the instructions. Have you had any luck with Google Translate? Take care!

  • Helen

    Thanks for your reply Faith, and so quick! I use Google Translate a lot but I can’t face having to type the recipe instructions in for the moment as that will probably take me all afternoon! I was looking for the easy way out but maybe if all else fails I will have to resort to that as having lemon meringue pie sat in the cupboard begging me to make it is becoming a sore point!
    Thanks anyway, and please let me know if your Lidl stocks those on a future USA week (and if you have any success)!

    • Sally

      Hi Helen,we are also ex-pats in Bulgaria and like you I have the Lemon Meringue Pie Mix sitting in my cupboard and need instructions.I will ask our Bulgarian friend as soon as I remember and put them on here for you…

      • Hi, did you ever get the translation of the Lemon merangue pie instructions ?if so could you please let me know it before the mix goes out of date.

        • Faith

          Hi Martin,
          I’m so sorry to reply so late; I’ve been traveling all over the US the last month and so haven’t been on the computer much. I haven’t gotten any updates on the lemon meringue pie translation. What languages are featured on the box? If there’s any Spanish (ES or ESP), I could translate it for you.

        • Hi Martin, I finally saw the lemon meringue pie mix at Lidl and bought it. I’ve posted English intructions here:

          Hope that helps and that your pie mix hasn’t expired yet. Let us know how it turns out – I haven’t made it yet or tasted it yet!

  • Faith

    Thank you so much, Sally!

  • fiona power

    about 2 yrs ago I bought a packet of Mcennedy mixed beans in a pack, it was dried food mix and when cooked it was gorgeous, have not seen it since, we used to use it with tortilla chips am just wondering was I imagining this or has anyone else tried it ?

  • Faith

    Fiona: I’ve never seen it but it sounds delicious and something I would totally buy. I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. Take care.

  • Gianni

    Scusate il disturbo. Vorrei farvi una proposta in merito ai vostri ottimi prodotti di “peanut butter”. Perché non venite incontro a chi non vuole assumere zuccheri, sia per dieta che per malattia (diabete) ed eliminate lo zucchero di canna? Il “peanut butter” è anche ottimo così senza zuccheri aggiunti, ve lo assicuro. Fareste contente tante persone. Con ossequi Gianni D’Amore

    • Faith

      Hola Gianni,
      Mmm, me gusta mucho tu sugerencia! A mi también no me apetece mucho tanta azúcar. Lo único es que yo no trabajo por McEnnedy – solo comparto las instrucciones y ingredientes aquí en mi blog para ayudaros por si acaso. Espero que puedas ponerte en contacto con el verdadero McEnnedy para darles tus sugerencias!

  • lana

    Please can someone help me, I have bought the Cherry Pie mix and expected to find a sachet of cherries in the box. But there is just a bake mix for the pastry and a packet of white powder. Does the white powder turn into cherries when liquid is added or something or am I supposed to buy my own cherries. I’m a bit disappointed so far !!

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  • anuradha

    Can somebody please send me how to make mcennedy apple pie?I bought one from Lidl but all the instructions are in german and the google translator didnt give the correct translate.

  • i bought a cheescake but the instructions are in Germany any body have them in English please, Thanks Kelly

  • TheSweetRoad

    Hi Kelly! So sorry – I haven’t seen the cheesecake yet at Lidl so I’m not able to help out. Have you tried to put the German instructions into Google Translate? Or – if you want to – you can email me the instructions at and I can ask my friend who lives in Germany to translate them for you. Hope something works out! Sounds yummy!

  • I noticed above the photo for creamy peanut butter it says non-hydrogenated. does that mean the crunchy one isn’t non hydrogenated since that is not listed here above crunchy? Or does it imply non-hydrogenated for both peanut butter types? Is non-hydrogenated a good thing? Thanks!

    • TheSweetRoad

      Hey Jake! As far as I can remember (I haven’t bought the PB for a few months now because it hasn’t been in Lidl recently), both creamy and crunchy are non-hydrogenated. Non-hydrogenated is definitely a good thing – it won’t clog your arteries as easily, so they say. A lot of shelf-stable PBs sold in the US contain partially-hydrogenated oils, whereas the “all-natural” PBs don’t. Here’s an educational link if you’re interested (I just found it myself):

      • Jake

        Hi thanks for the reply! This is very informative, great site too. Yeah one thing that’s common in the U.S. is the solid top of the PB like Jiffy or Peter Pan brands, due to the hydrogenated oils keeping it intact I guess, but the natural good kind has the liquid stuff floating on top so you have to mix it yourself right? Though it’s interesting Mcennedy/Lidl would make the peanut butter in this good way since the Mcennedy lineup is a mostly ‘junk food’ theme, but If it’s non-hydrogenated though that’s great… the only problem I see right now is that the back labels don’t say how much sugar and salt are added… any idea how much sugar and salt have been added in the Mcennedy PBs? Thanks so much!

        • TheSweetRoad

          Hi Jake, Sorry for the delay – It’s finally American Week again here and I picked up some more PB jars. I think my label is like yours – no salt or sugar amounts are listed. So we’ll just eat and enjoy and not worry about the rest, haha! :)

          • Jake

            Ha ha, no problem thanks!

            I’ve also recently tried the new Tesco Wholenut peanut butter… so far it seems pretty good, and has a lot of good ol’ nutrition info on the side. :) Have a good summer!

  • Charlie

    An American here living in Sweden…Lidel supermarket haves a McEnnedy section…bought the McEnnedy American Lemon Meringue, and Cherry Pie…tried the burgers and reminds me the late nite stops at a 24/7 Atlanta gas station after a night at the bar…and must say it’s actually pretty damn good…lol

    • TheSweetRoad

      That’s great, Charlie! We haven’t tried the burgers yet but that’s good to know that you like them. After years of ridiculing the hot dogs in a jar, I actually looked at the label this past week (it’s American Week here in Spain again, just in time for July 4) and was amazed to see that there were no artificial ingredients. So I bought two jars and we’ll try them this week. Enjoy Sweden – the days are long now, eh?

      • Charlie

        Yes, the burgers are not too bar. lol…gonna have to check and see if they carry the hotdogs in a jar. I did bake the pies and was surprisingly really good and tasty…love the crust mix. Read the box on the mix…I was like wow, 3 ingridients…no artificial garbage in it. Stuff may not be American made but its sure closest, and reasonably priced…will try other products. Enjoy España – would to visit it someday — y si los dias aqui son demasiado largo con el maldito sol. :)

  • glen

    on the penut butter talk, I like morrissons smooth one, its a big jar and its taste good, like the american on skippy but bit thicker. but still easier than stuff like sun pat #sucks

  • glen

    tesco have some american food pop tarts lucky stars :)

    • TheSweetRoad

      Hello Glen, Thanks for writing! Seriously, lucky stars indeed! Carrefour just started selling Nutri-Grain toastable bar things and they’re OK, but we definitely miss our Pop-Tarts. Although, they do have a lot of sugar…. :)

  • Pedro

    Well hello ma’am, came across this site while searching about the mcennedy brand since I didnt know of it before, but was told by my girlfriend that its a popular brand that manufactures quality products. Well just wanted to say hello since I’m spanish, living in Haro ,La Rioja, hope you don’t miss the USA living in wonderfull galicia.

    • TheSweetRoad

      Hola Pedro! Sorry to reply so late. Galicia is great, but it definitely rains a lot :). It would be fun to go to the La Rioja region one day – my husband would love to buy some wine straight from the source. Hope you’re enjoying primavera and thanks for writing!

  • Lee

    wow! I am writing about “American” as it appears in Czech Lidl stores, and came across your post. Such a funny thing! I am taking the same angle you do in wondering what impression of “America” Europeans get when they experience this commoditized edible outline of the US.

    • TheSweetRoad

      Hello Lee, let me know when you’ve posted your writing – it would be fun to see! American Week at our Lidl starts next Monday – can’t wait :)!

  • You forgot their best product: ice creams!

    • TheSweetRoad

      Haha, Wilson, I actually haven’t had any of their ice cream yet! What’s a good flavor to start with?? Thanks for writing!

      • I’m still discovering the flavors, but I like Cookie Dough, Bananalicious and Peanut so far. My friend says they are all good except chocolate, which is a bit strong.