R is 7

R turned 7 on Saturday. His grandparents pitched in to get him his heart’s desire, the Lego Police Station:

(Side note: Why are Legos so doggone expensive?!)

He also wanted pizza and doughnuts for his birthday lunch:

(Side note: When the recipe calls for 18 doughnuts and you end up making 51, something went wrong somewhere.)

That night, he had an indoor soccer game. His front tooth is about to fall out, and he spent the entire game with his hand in his mouth, wiggling his tooth. So he didn’t do much out on the soccer court because he was so preoccupied with it, but his teammate scored 6 goals and his team won anyway.

And at church yesterday, the Sunday School class sang to him in Castellano and in English. It was a fun birthday weekend for him and he felt special. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 7 years since he was our newest little squirt:

It’s also hard to believe that he’s had his blanket for 7 years. When it was intact back in its prime, it was a rectangle, yellow, and clean:

These days it’s 4 gray, dingy strips that he carries around with him everywhere and kisses before he goes off to school. He has literally loved his blanket to death and it will be a sad day for him when the last strip has finally deteriorated and melted away, like Mother Gothel in Tangled:

Happy Birthday to our sweet, precious R. We love how you whistle all the time when you’re happy, say the funniest things, give hugs and cuddles freely, take care of the baby, and get angry when you see injustice. You’re a force to be reckoned with, and we love having you in our family!


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  • Ken

    Yeah, I thought Legos were expensive, until I went searching for Star Wars action figures.

    Seth’s birthday was yesterday and he is now the proud owner of a really nice but painfully expensive Y Wing fighter. He’s never seen the movie but he’s heard from his pre-school kids how cool it is, so that’s what he asked for.

    I didn’t realize how close their birthdays are to each other (although Seth is 2 years younger). Happy Birthday!

  • Rachel

    Are the first and last pictures really what’s left of his blankie? That is amazing!

  • YES! That’s really what’s left! It’s disgusting!!! :)

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