Carnaval, Santiago Style

Carnaval is now officially over, and the kids go back to school tomorrow after having been off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. It was our first Carnaval in Santiago, and we were curious to see what it would be like, since every other Carnaval we’d celebrated had been in La Coruña. Last year we really got into the spirit, sewing three costumes and going into downtown Coruña for the parade.

Here in Santiago, the kids’ school did a school spirit week leading up to the big school party on Friday, and this was what R wore on Thursday (they told the kids to wear a hat, face paint, a tie, and two different shoes):

On Friday, the school had its official Carnaval festivities. Before school, Nate painted K’s face with a butterfly:

She wore the same flower costume she wore last year:

In La Coruña, we parents always attended a long school program where the kids paraded in wearing their costumes and then each class performed a dance, skit, or song. We had expected the same thing here, and we were shocked to realize that there was no official program or performance. Instead, the school played loud music and just let the kids run around in the schoolyard for two hours in their costumes.

M got a little spooked by all of the kids running and screaming around him, so Nate held him for most of the time. He was happy with the balloons:

And he ate orejas, huge flat pieces of fried batter:

B was a wizard again:

And R and his classmates were dressed up as members of a charanga band:

It was great to see the kids having fun with their new friends.

Yesterday, I took K into the city to see what was happening downtown. The square in front of the Cathedral was empty, so we must have missed the main parade.

K wore her princess crown and brought her paper airplane:

Every year 180,000+ pilgrims walk across Spain in order to arrive at the Cathedral in Santiago. My girl didn’t care about the magnificence of the Cathedral at all, all she wanted to do was fly her paper airplane and when it kept immediately diving to the ground, she got mad:

Nate and the boys had their own adventures as well during this five-day weekend. Nate took B and R on two hikes and they saw some beautiful views:

Feliz Carnaval!


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