365 Foreign Dishes: Austrian Goulasch

We found this gem of a book, 365 Foreign Dishes: A Foreign Dish for every day in the year, in the home of Craig and Mary, our American friends who are leaving Santiago after having lived here the past 20 years. They’re trying to get rid of as many things as possible before their move, and a couple of days ago we happily went over to their apartment and picked through their books, toys, games, and miscellaneous bins. We came away with armfuls of stuff.

It wasn’t until we settled in at home again that I looked more closely at this book, and wow, what a find it is! It was published in 1908 in the USA by George W. Jacobs and Company, and it’s totally, utterly fascinating, not to mention hilarious. The author makes all sorts of assumptions about how knowledgeable his readers are and what kind of equipment they have. I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of these recipes here so that you, too, could know what life was like in 1908. Here today to kick it all off is the recipe for January 1: Austrian Goulasch.

“Boil 2 calves’ heads in salted water until tender; then cut the meat from the bone. Fry 1 dozen small peeled onions and 3 potatoes, cut into dice pieces; stir in 1 tablespoonful of flour and the sauce in which the meat was cooked. Let boil up, add the sliced meat, 1 teaspoonful of paprica and salt to taste; let all cook together fifteen minutes, then serve very hot.”

Fascinating assumptions the author makes:
– That I have a pot big enough to hold 2 calves’ heads
– That I know where to get calves’ heads
– That there is meat on calves’ heads (who knew??). I guess this isn’t so much of an assumption, but something the author knows firsthand, which is admirable.

And there you have it. Easy peasy Austrian Goulasch!


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