God Bless America: 10 Things We Love

Things we’ve enjoyed during our first three weeks in the US that we definitely don’t have or get to do in Spain:

1. 110+ servings of Quaker Oats in one box:

2. Triscuits:

3. Baby carrots:

4. Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores:

5. The Presbyterian Resale Shop in Valparaiso, Indiana. Nate said, “I didn’t know you could re-sell Presbyterians – I wonder how much it costs to buy a used one?”

6. SpaghettiO’s:

7. The Jelly Belly Factory in Wisconsin:

8. Going to the Chicago Fire soccer game on Father’s Day:

9. Chicago-style stuffed pizza:

10. Taking the kids to Wheaton College:

It’s been a full three weeks visiting with friends, family, and partners. We’ve enjoyed it all. In a couple of days we leave the Chicago area and move on to the Quad Cities, St. Louis, and Colorado. Fun fun!


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  • Ken Waineo

    Your killing me with that shot of Chicago style pizza. #2’s probably something I’d miss a ton if I was overseas.

    Micro-brew and the small coffee roasters here in Portland are probably the things I’d miss the most if I ever left the states (or even the Pacific North-west).

    • Faith

      You’d probably miss your chickens, too, eh, Ken? We saw a U-Haul truck on the highway and thought of you and “Chickens, huh?” Can’t wait to see you guys so soon!

      • Ken Waineo

        Absolutely excited to see you guys. So your post gave both Tricia and I the craving for Chicago style pizza. We tried a place that had the best reviews here in Portland.

        Long story short: Anyone who sells pizza where a full sized adult can comfortable pack down three slices isn’t doing Chicago style right.

  • Hannah

    Hi Faith!
    I’m so bummed we missed you guys when you were here! Lisa had told me you were going to be here, but I think we must’ve had something going on. Hopefully next time! Glad you had safe travels!


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