America: 10 More Things We Love

We’re back in Spain now after a whirlwind summer in the US. In all, we spent 120 hours in the car, slept in 19 different homes, and touched both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. All along the way, we met with partners, friends, and family as we shared about the Pilgrim House project. It was exhilarating and exhausting, but full of good conversations and people. My extroverted self certainly got its fill, but now that we’ve been back in Spain I’ve just wanted to hole up alone and read Austenland and Sense and Sensibility, and watch Downton Abbey. I guess my introverted self just wants to be in England.

It’s taken us a while to settle back into Spanish life, and I finally feel up for blogging again. I’ve missed it! We’re kicking things off today with another run-down of things, places, and food we enjoyed while we were in the US:

1. All signs in English instead of Spanish! So refreshing!

2. Dunkin’ Donuts. When we told K we were going to a doughnut restaurant for breakfast, she was so happy and said, “Oh! This is the US?!”:

3. Whitey’s Ice Cream in the Quad Cities area (IL and IA):

4. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO:

5. Breakfast we can’t get in Spain:

6. City Museum, St. Louis, MO. This place is amazing – it has tunnels, caves, ladders, slides, and bridges, all meant to be explored and get lost in. If you have older kids and find yourself in St. Louis, go try it out for a day!

7. Lake of the Ozarks, MO. We had a one-week vacation here with Nate’s family. The kids loved being with their cousins:

and jumping in the lake:

Three noodles kept Nate afloat and totally relaxed:

8. Visiting new church plants we had been praying for and finally got to see in person, and finally meeting some pen pals face-to-face after having written to each other for the last few months or years. We even got to finally meet chickens we had heard so much about. Here’s our friends Ken and Tricia’s cute chicken coop (not that chickens and church plants are on the same level, but unfortunately we never got any photos of those new church plants…):

9. Really good Mexican food in Orange County, CA:

10. One of my favorite places, Ocean City, MD. We had a short vacation here with my side of the family:

We definitely love America, but it’s also good to be back “home” in Spain. I guess that’s the constant tension of being an immigrant – when I’m in America, I miss certain parts of Spain, and when I’m in Spain, I miss certain things about America. It’s nice that we have the opportunity to go back to the US every few years and remember what we like about both countries.

Now, off to watch some Downton. Toodles!


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  • Becca Bozarth

    Hi Faith! Oh I loved the pictures! That spot in St Louis looked quite remarkable!