Pop-Tarts in Spain (sort of)

Kellogg's Tarts Para Tostar

Since we moved to Spain, Nate has missed having Pop-Tarts around and is always excited when we’re about to go back to the US: “Oooh, you know what we can get when we’re back – Pop-Tarts!!” he says. We’ve only been back to the States twice, though, so we haven’t had them nearly as much as we’d like.

However, this past week we discovered that our local Carrefour grocery store was selling Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain something-or-others for the toaster! Strangely, the box didn’t say “bars” or “pastries” or anything else to denote what they actually were, but they were for the toaster and they were Kellogg’s so they were close enough! I bought a box and tried one today. Surprisingly, it tasted like a toasted thin Nutri-Grain bar. (I don’t know why I should have expected anything different – I guess I wanted a Pop-Tart that badly and thought the thing that looked like a Nutri-Grain bar on the cover of the box would actually taste like… a Pop-Tart.)

Nate’s review was that it was all right, that it tasted like a hot sweet fruity cracker.

So, to sum up, they weren’t Pop-Tarts, but they were decent. They were expensive, though – 2.49€ ($3.30) – for a box of just six, so we’ll see how often we bring them home.

Anyhoo, that was our adventure for the day. Thank you for reading. Carry on.


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