Won’t Be Wanting

Puente Maceira

I joined our architects in meeting with the city surveyor today to find out the status of our paperwork. It was discouraging news. We submitted our building project back in August, and the surveyor hasn’t touched it yet. She’s still reviewing projects that were submitted in July, and then she’ll review the ones submitted in August.

She estimated it would take another month before she could tell us something. Meanwhile, we’re paying rent on the locale and we can’t sign a contract with the contractors yet, since we need to have the building permits in hand before renovations can start.

So – we wait, at least for another month. We remind ourselves to honor the process, fight against frustration, and try to face the wait with cheerful hearts (I had to repeat this sequence of words about a hundred times today). The paperwork process is now totally out of our control, which in a funny way gives us a lot of peace.

While I was at the meeting, Nate was writing a note to our teammates. It was a good note, not only applicable to this journey that we’ve been on, but also to so many things in life, that I wanted to share part of it here.


“The song ‘House of God, Forever’, by Jon Foreman, popped up on my iPad.

In listening to this I was reminded of the fact that the Lord truly is our shepherd.  To each one of us individually, and collectively to us as a group (yep, I just planted the image that each one of us is a sheep in a flock).  I sometimes forget it myself, but every step on this journey has been one into unknown territory.  Every new day, every new task, every facet of our lives here has been one step after another into uncharted territory.  It’s still true for Faith and me after six years, and it’s still true for each of you at your point in your journey.  And this psalm, this song, is true of all of us.

A few lines that stick out to me today:

‘I won’t be wanting.’

‘He makes me rest in fields of green, by quiet streams.’

‘I will not fear, cause you are with me. You’re always with me.’

‘Surely goodness will follow me,
In the house of God.

My prayer for you all today is that you recognize how you are following Him into the unknown.  And how good He is in guiding us.  The way is new, it might be rocky, muddy, or simply frightening.  But he’s there ahead of us.  With him we won’t be wanting, he’ll lead us to rest.  We can put fear aside remembering he is with us.  His goodness follows us wherever we go.”

So, at the end of the day today, we know two things: first, we need to face the reality that our building permits aren’t coming for at least another month. Second, the Lord guides us and goes ahead of us. Even though we don’t know exactly how this story unfolds, he does. And because of that, we don’t need to pine away. Though we don’t have building permits yet, though we haven’t opened up Pilgrim House yet, though we can’t welcome in pilgrims and sit with them on the sofas yet, it’s all the same: we won’t be wanting. We don’t need to be afraid of the uncertainty and the unknown. We can rest in the waiting, because we have a good Shepherd who will lead us on when it’s time to go. When you put it that way, my heart actually is cheerful.


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  • Rebrites

    I’ve been there. Everything about a project in Spain is “hurry up and wait.” Just remember, while you wait in the dark, the bright lights are piling up right outside the door… and when it finally opens, WOW. But be prepared. When that floodgate opens, it ALL comes pouring out in an overwhelming way!

    • TheSweetRoad

      Reb – seriously, can’t wait to hang out more one day and you can tell us all about it. Sometimes I’m so impatient for the deluge, and to finally be in the thick of things – but you’re right, this time of preparation is really important. Besos.

  • Ann Smith

    Great words Faith. We prayed for you with our visiting team. God is in control and I’m so proud of you for resting in His timing with joy! Love you guys! Ann and Rick

    • TheSweetRoad

      Thank you, Ann! How fun that you guys in Africa prayed for us in Spain – that’s so encouraging to hear. Love ya too.

  • Charlotte D Brown

    I’m continuing to pray for y’all. I’m very aware lately of following Him into the unknown. I’ve been doing a lot of waiting too. “We don’t need to be afraid of the uncertainty and the unknown. We can rest in the waiting, because we have a good Shepherd who will lead us. . .” Thanks for the reminder!!

    • TheSweetRoad

      Thanks, Charlotte! Big hugs! :)