Funny Flight Attendants and Fortune Cookies

We’ve had quite a few funny moments since we left Spain, but two really stand out so far:

1. When we boarded the plane in Santiago, M and I started out sitting next to a blind elderly gentleman. The older boys were behind us, and Nate and K were supposed to be across the aisle from them. However, when Nate and K found their seats, a 90-year-old man and his 90-year-old wife were already sitting in them. Nate tried to tell them they were in his seats, but either they didn’t hear or they didn’t bother to try to understand. Nate couldn’t sit and stood in the aisle with K while other passengers went by.

Finally, after everyone else had sat down, Nate asked the flight attendant to come over. “We’re supposed to sit here but there are people in our seats.”

The flight attendant looked at the elderly man and woman and said, “Yeah, that couple is there….they’re not gonna move. We already tried asking them to sit in their real seats but they didn’t listen to us. They came onto the plane and just sat down where they liked…they speak Spanish and I talked to them but they just ignored me. So at this point, it would be easier to move the entire plane than to move them.”

Hahaha what? What kind of flight attendant says that about his passengers?

So guess what he did? He spotted an empty seat two rows ahead and asked the elderly blind man to move! Which meant he had to bend down and ask him to move, help him out of his chair, ask the passenger in the aisle seat in the destination row to get out of his chair, help the blind passenger into his new window seat, and get him settled. He chose to do all of that rather than talk to the uncommunicative and aloof couple again.

It did the trick, though. K ended up sitting with M and me, and Nate sat next to the boys in their row (in all the commotion we’d forgotten that there was an empty seat there). We were all sorted and after a few minutes we finally took off for Geneva, from where we would fly to the US the next day. Thankfully the trip went smoothly after that, but I will never forget that super-honest flight attendant and the angst a couple of 90-year-olds put him through.

Our younger two enjoying the view once we finally got going:

2013-12-07 14.30.09

2. One evening we went to a Chinese restaurant with my parents, my brother, and our cousin-in-law visiting from Germany. It was the older boys’ first time really getting into their fortune cookies, and here’s a sampling of the fortunes they received:

“You have a quiet and unobtrusive nature.” (This one was especially funny because it was our loud and incredibly-confident second son that received it.)

“Your home is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness.”

“Serious trouble will bypass you.”

“Your heart is pure, and your mind clear, and soul devout.” (Wow.)

“You will be awarded some great honor.”

“If your desires are not extravagant, they will be granted.”

“You love sports, horses, and gambling but not to excess.”

The last two made Nate and me laugh and laugh. I think the art of fortune-cookie fortune-writing has evolved immensely – or has declined immensely. I can’t tell which. We had a great time at dinner, though. It was good to be with family again.

2013-12-09 18.53.37


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