Back Room Photos: the Steady Constants

Back in November, I posted about the back room of Pilgrim House, and how the photos there were a reminder of our storefront’s history as a photography studio:


During the daily bustle of the first six weeks of renovations, this collection of photos was still a reference point, a constant during all the changes happening in the back room:

Renovations Back Room

History was on one side of the room, and new walls and windows were on the other. It was a cool mishmash of past and present, with hints of the future:


Finally, the other day we took down the photos so they wouldn’t get damaged during the rest of renovations. We’ve been looking at those pictures for over a year now – ever since we first visited the storefront to see if we wanted to rent it – so it was a touching moment for us. It was like we were officially closing a chapter and moving on.

2014-04-09 12.03.47

The blank white wall seems strange now:

2014-04-19 11.28.44

At some point we may put some of the pictures back up so we can show pilgrims the world the old photographer used to inhabit. They’ll also help us remember that Pilgrim House will always be just one part of the centuries-old history of this building. Up on the wall they’ll linger again, steady, watching our space take on new vision, new purpose, and new memories.


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