A Ditch Story

Well, girls, the timeless story of men wanting to save the damsel in distress rang true today. While trying to make the right turn you see below, I got the car seriously stuck in this ditch (note the storm drain that I didn’t see at all, but still tried to move forward on):


The car wouldn’t move at all. Over the next 30 minutes, though, three different guys stopped to ask if I was OK and if they could help.

The first guy got out of his car, looked at my car lopsided and in the ditch and said there probably wasn’t anything he could do. Then he took a picture of my car because his “tow truck friend would want to see this.” He was hilarious.

Ten minutes later, another guy drove by, stopped, and got into the car and tried to reverse it out of the ditch. It didn’t work, but by that time the third guy had driven up and stopped. The second and third guy now had me put the car in reverse while they pushed it from the front. Voila! They pushed the car straight out of the ditch, looked at the front bumper which had popped off at one corner from the fall, diagnosed some newly-leaking fluid as from a puncture in the windshield wiper fluid container, picked up my traffic-warning triangles and brought them back, and then happily drove off.

It was an extremely stressful 30 minutes, but it was nice to know there are some really nice and helpful people out there!


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