And We’re Off! (Pilgrim House is Open!)

We can finally, finally say the words we’ve been waiting so long to say: Pilgrim House is OPEN!! We opened up for the first time yesterday:

2014-07-24 12.08.10

Even our message wall announced it:


Our Opening Day team consisted of Anne (far left) and Gale (far right); our four Wheaton College volunteers: Brooke, Luke, Alley, and Nico; and Nate and me. We spent about 20 minutes taking Opening Day photos, laughing and cheering, before we opened the doors. Missing were Jeremiah and Danielle who are home in the US for the summer.


The debut of our living room:




Reflection room and patio:


Opening Day celebratory treats, compliments of my parents:


The Wheaton College contingent:


Min and Jana were the very first pilgrims who came into Pilgrim House yesterday:


We thought it was neat they were our first pilgrims: a week before we opened, our American friend Phil came to visit us. He had just finished the Camino, and along the way he and his son had met Jana. Phil brought Jana into Pilgrim House so we could meet her, and then the next day Jana left for Finisterre (an additional 3-day pilgrimage to the ocean) and Phil and his son flew back to the US.

Jana met Min on the way to Finisterre, and when they returned to Santiago yesterday, they both came into Pilgrim House to see us. It was a cool full-circle story – Phil already knew us so he had felt comfortable bringing Jana into Pilgrim House, and then Jana had already met us so she was comfortable bringing in Min.

Min and Jana hung out for hours yesterday and talked, read, journaled, and ate – and it was great to see them use the space exactly as we had envisioned.

So…we’re finally open! We’re so proud of how hard the team worked to get the final pieces of Pilgrim House ready the past few weeks. Thank you, too, to all of our friends, churches, family, ITeams colleagues, and new pilgrim friends who encouraged and supported the team and the entire project along the way. Most of all we’re grateful for the Lord’s incredible provision – looking back over the last few years, sometimes the only thing we can say is, “The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.”


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  • Eduardo

    Congratulations, you have demonstrated a great deal of patience in delving with the red tape and the work delays.

  • Tracey

    Congratulations! We look forward to hearing of all the lives you touch.