North Country: Viveiro and Covas

Last weekend we were able to get away for a short, 3-night family vacation. We explored a part of Galicia we hadn’t seen much of yet, the northern coast, and stayed in a beach town called Covas. The weather for the first couple days was beautiful, and the views were as well.

On the way to Covas, we stopped at Chao do Monte, a popular scenic overlook. This was Galicia at its best – ocean, rocks, mountains leading into the water, and tiny little towns in the valleys:



From there we headed to another scenic overlook called O Cruceiro:


The best view came from the foot of the cross, looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean:


The lighthouse at Cabo Ortegal was the next stop, but on the way we stopped to take photos when we saw this. We felt like we were in a sci-fi movie:


It was a wind farm with probably a hundred wind turbines:


And livestock. Lots of livestock. It’s not often we get to see heavy-duty turbines next to idle, free-roaming cattle:


After a short drive we made it to Cabo Ortegal. Nate took this photo. Spectacular!


The view from the lighthouse:


Little M chasing his brothers around and around:


This is one of my favorite photos from this day – the older boys love M so much they’ll take the time and effort to hide so they can scare him. Can’t you feel their anticipation?


The four together:


Our next couple of days in Covas were mostly spent at the beach. It was our first time swimming all summer and the kids loved it:


The beach at Covas is on the Cantabrian Sea:


These three rocks together are known as Os Castelos (the castles). Next to them is a monument (not shown in this photo) dedicated to the 500 victims of two Spanish warships that wrecked in a storm in 1810.


One morning we visited Viveiro and the church of San Roque:



Viveiro below, and the beach of Covas on the right:


B found some blackberry bushes:


Capela de San Roque:


The raised structure on the left is called a hórreo. You can see hórreos all over Galicia, and people store their grain in these to keep out the rodents and the rain.


Also typical in this area are stone picnic tables and round stone buildings (this one is a bathroom!):


The San Roque church complex has a nice modern playground. If you’re ever in Viveiro, we definitely recommend stopping here – it’s a very family-friendly scenic spot.


On our last day, we drove to another lighthouse, the one at Estaca de Bares. The weather had turned foggy…


But the coast didn’t lose its charm:


As with the end of every vacation, we arrived back home tired but full of good memories. Here’s to the next family vacation, whenever it is!


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