What Does Your Survival Mode Look Like?

So I bought a new mint plant recently. Given my long history of buying plants and then freaking out when they have bugs, mold, or rot (and then unceremoniously dumping them in the trash), it was a good sign that I was finally out of survival mode. I was ready to nurture something again, instead of birthing our 7-year-old baby, Pilgrim House! Ha!

I’ve heard that most of us go through survival mode for six months to a year when going through any huge transition, whether it be having a new baby, moving to a new home, changing jobs, or losing a loved one. Maybe you can relate.

This is what our survival mode looks like:

– We eat on the run; it’s harder to plan for meals.
– Nate doesn’t have as much interest or capacity to listen to music (and spending time listening to music is his bonafide happy place).
– I have a short fuse and way less patience for any accidental or purposeful shenanigans the kids get up to.
– We can’t plan for the future in general, just getting through each day is all we can handle.
– We don’t have energy to have people over.
– Things that are little deals in normal life seem like big deals during survival mode.
– Emails get backed up.
– We crave comfort food and comfort books. I read Pride and Prejudice again right after we opened Pilgrim House because I just needed something predictable and fun.
– Sometimes I’ll be saying something or thinking something, and I’ll lose a thought or a word – it’s like a thread I just can’t grasp and connect back together.

Now that we’re out of survival mode, we know it because:
– I’m buying plants.
– We’re seeking out friends again and feel more emotional energy to care for them.
– We enjoy planning for the future again.
– I’m ready for new things, like trying new recipes, finding new authors, or watching a new show.
– My time on the internet isn’t just to Google something that I need to know urgently.
– We have energy to exercise and eat healthy again.
– My mind and memory work better!

What does your survival mode look like? I’d love to hear!

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