Hello from the other side

Two weeks late, we started Advent readings as a family to prepare our hearts for Christmas. The first readings were all from the Old Testament, and at first I had a bad attitude, thinking, Why are all of these readings from the OT? When can we get to Jesus?!

Then it hit me – the people in the OT were all waiting. The prophecies about the coming Messiah were there to encourage them to wait expectantly, but they’d seen no one yet to fit the descriptions. It was just waiting, and waiting…and waiting.

Then one night Jesus was born, and suddenly the world was on the other side of all the waiting. The Messiah, the One who had a rescue plan for all of us, was here. Hello from the other side! How fortunate are we to no longer be waiting for the Messiah to come! We know how He was born, how He lived, how He died, and how He rose again. We have the privilege of reading the old prophecies as well as seeing how Jesus fulfilled them. If I reflect on how things were before Jesus was born, the Old Testament readings don’t seem as boring and obscure then; rather they set the stage for what was to come that one holy night.

This painting by Ron DiCianni, called Simeon’s Moment, shows the joy Simeon probably experienced when he held baby Jesus for the first time. Now there was someone who had been waiting, but who got to see the Messiah in person. The story is found in Luke 2:25 – 34. May the painting bless you as well this Christmas season:



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