Hello again

Back on October 29, we moved from our great rental apartment into a new townhouse. It’s been a wonderful change for our family to have one more bedroom, a backyard, and a garage now.

Moving day:



We also have a mortgage now with a Spanish bank – and getting that was an adventure as well.

One huge drawback, though, was that for six months we didn’t have internet at home. Apparently the builder had never connected the internet cables from the street to the utilities box in front of our home, and we would eventually have to tunnel through a meter of concrete to get it all set up. “We” being our contractor friend Martin, who had also put in all of our lighting, painted the interior, fixed our defective window blinds, set up the plumbing for our washer and dryer, and patiently waited during all of these tasks as we fastidiously weighed all of the options and slowly made decisions. (I told him one day – he’s a pastor as well as a contractor – “Martin, I’m so glad God led us to you. You’ve been such a blessing to our family!” To which he paused and then laughed a bit unconvincingly. Not sure he feels the same about us, ha!)

Anyway, we were in survival mode from November through April, and now we’re finally starting to come out of it and have energy for things that we left behind in October. Blogging was one thing that totally fell by the wayside while we settled into the new house, but I have more energy now as well as more things that I just have to share with you all, being an extrovert and all (must share! Must share!!). The addition of internet and wifi into our home back in April also helped. So…here we go again!

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