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Hello, hola, and ni hao! I’m Faith Walter, a Chinese-American now living in Spain. The Sweet Road is my personal blog. I write about food, marriage and parenting, the Camino de Santiago, the expat life, and faith in Jesus. Here you can find a new recipe to try, experience the Camino pilgrimage trail, see what the immigrant life in Spain is like, and walk alongside as we try to follow Jesus. I also post stories and pictures of our kids to document just how much they’re changing and growing.

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About Pilgrim House: My husband, Nate, and I moved from the US to Spain in 2007 with plans to eventually open a place that would serve the pilgrims who walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail. Our road has taken a few twists and turns and we’ve added a few amazing teammates along the way. It’s been a grand adventure and we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, Spain, entrepreneurship, and work/family balance over the past few years. We just opened the Pilgrim House Welcome Center for pilgrims in 2014, and you can learn more at PilgrimHouseSantiago.com.

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