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Hello, hola, and ni hao! I’m Faith Walter, a Chinese-American now living in Spain. The Sweet Road is my personal blog. I write about food, marriage and parenting, the Camino de Santiago, the expat life, and faith in Jesus. Here you can find a new recipe to try, experience the Camino pilgrimage trail, see what the immigrant life in Spain is like, and walk alongside as we try to follow Jesus. I also post stories and pictures of our kids to document just how much they’re changing and growing.

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About Pilgrim House: My husband, Nate, and I moved from the US to Spain in 2007 with plans to eventually open a place that would serve the pilgrims who walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail. Our road has taken a few twists and turns and we’ve added a few amazing teammates along the way. It’s been a grand adventure and we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, Spain, entrepreneurship, and work/family balance over the past few years. We’re getting ready to open the Pilgrim House Welcome Center for pilgrims in 2014, and you can learn more about our work at PilgrimHouseSantiago.com.

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