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After 10 Weeks Abroad, Re-entry is Hard

Sep 28, 2016

K and her new photo-face on Pikes Peak, Colorado Well, we just got back to Spain a couple weeks ago after spending the summer in the USA. The last time … Continue reading

A Place on the Counter

Feb 28, 2014

While we were home in the US this winter, we stayed in 10 different homes. We realized that when we entered a new home, we usually plopped our water bottles, … Continue reading

The Best of 2013

Feb 15, 2014

The nice thing about giving a year-end recap two months after the year has ended is that you can reflect on the year with that much more clarity. Right? Well, … Continue reading

Funny Flight Attendants and Fortune Cookies

Dec 18, 2013

We’ve had quite a few funny moments since we left Spain, but two really stand out so far: 1. When we boarded the plane in Santiago, M and I started … Continue reading

A Bunch of Firsts

Dec 15, 2013

We left Spain last Saturday to come back to the US for our first Christmas here since 2006. Our two older ones don’t remember American winters and our younger two … Continue reading

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