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The Unspectacular Waiting

Oct 10, 2013

“Be prepared. It takes a lot of unspectacular preparation to produce spectacular results.” – Entrepreneur Magazine This quote has been our life these days. We are in the middle of … Continue reading

11 Ways to Be Nice to Foreigners

Apr 21, 2013

There are those who want all immigrants to just go away. They’d rather not be bothered by their needs and by the effort it takes to get to know them. … Continue reading

Love Letter to La Coruña

Jul 5, 2011

Dear La Coruña, You were our first home here in Spain, and as we pack up everything to move to Santiago tomorrow, we want you to know that we will … Continue reading

Coming Out of the Woodwork: La Coruña Carnaval 2011

Mar 5, 2011

Continue reading

5 Spanish Things I Can’t Live Without

Oct 20, 2010

1. Spanish Tortilla. When I was pregnant with M, I ate a wedge of tortilla almost every single day during the first trimester. I just craved it like crazy. 2. … Continue reading

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