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Back Room Photos: the Steady Constants

Apr 23, 2014

Back in November, I posted about the back room of Pilgrim House, and how the photos there were a reminder of our storefront’s history as a photography studio: During the … Continue reading

The Fast Demolition

Mar 6, 2014

Great news! After 6.5 months of waiting, we finally received word on February 20 that city hall had approved the Pilgrim House renovation project and had issued building permits. Hurray! … Continue reading

The Best of 2013

Feb 15, 2014

The nice thing about giving a year-end recap two months after the year has ended is that you can reflect on the year with that much more clarity. Right? Well, … Continue reading

A Bunch of Firsts

Dec 15, 2013

We left Spain last Saturday to come back to the US for our first Christmas here since 2006. Our two older ones don’t remember American winters and our younger two … Continue reading

Flipped and Turned Upside-Down: The Michael and Carli Story

May 30, 2013

It all began innocuously. Two years ago, Michael was happily developing websites from his home in Georgia. His wife, Carli, was an interior designer/ architectural space planner and together they … Continue reading

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