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Mad Hour in Stuttgart

Aug 28, 2013

We just got back from a peaceful International Teams family conference near Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany: The trip home got a bit hairy, though, and one hour was excessively eventful: Saturday, … Continue reading

Finisterre on the Camino

Aug 1, 2013

Cape Finisterre is well-known as being one of the final destinations of the Camino de Santiago. In medieval times Europeans believed it was the westernmost point of land and therefore … Continue reading

Okay, These Things Did Not Exist 3 Years Ago…

Sep 14, 2012

…Or did they, and we just didn’t notice them when we were home last in 2009? Either way, these newfangled (to us) inventions intruded upon our consciousness while we traveled … Continue reading

America: 10 More Things We Love

Sep 9, 2012

We’re back in Spain now after a whirlwind summer in the US. In all, we spent 120 hours in the car, slept in 19 different homes, and touched both the … Continue reading

God Bless America: 10 Things We Love

Jun 26, 2012

Things we’ve enjoyed during our first three weeks in the US that we definitely don’t have or get to do in Spain: 1. 110+ servings of Quaker Oats in one … Continue reading

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